1X to 3G to no service

Became new Verizon cell customers yesterday which I think is going to be a mistake on our part.   Coverage map shows we are in solid 4G territory but cell phones show 1x to 3G with very slow downloads. Intermittent access to internet. Takes over 30-45 minutes using the jet pack to download one app to the Motorola phone we purchased.   We have an unlimited plan and based our decision to switch to Verizon on their coverage map.  The jet pack works great with our computer though.

Re: 1X to 3G to no service
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A) Location.

B) Which specific phone are you using?

C) why woud you be sending stuff form the jetpack to the phone? That makes no sense. Why woudln't you just be downloading to the phone directly? If the jetpack conencted to you PC is fine then it's not a Verizon issue since the network is clearly fine. if you had a coverage issue nothing would work


You leave out a lot of information and assume a lot.

Re: 1X to 3G to no service
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If I am understanding this correctly the Jetpack works fine, but they cell phone doesn't trying to access the same tower? That simply could be the fact the Jetpack has a much stronger antenna than your phone. I would try moving around in the house with that phone to see if you can find the sweet spot. I have the same issue where I am at. In spots where the Jetpack will work fine, like my office the phone can drop calls.