2 questions about my verizon mifi

Ok, so I have the Verizon MiFi 4150L that sits on the window seal which usually gets a 3 bar signal which goes to my PS3 for playing Call of Duty Black Ops. I cannot get any cable, Fios, DSL, or anything like that so this is my only option, unless i use sattelite, had that for 2 years it didnt work out. Anyways, on black ops, I will be playing and its wierd, SOME DAYS I will have 3 bars perfect all day, SOME DAYS I will have 1-2 bars horribly on black ops (when you press the select button.) My question is why does it do this? I keep my mifi device in a stationary position and I will be playing sometimes and it will just go from 3 bars and just BOOM 1 bar, no more gaming for tonight your done, nothing I can do. I was even talking to my friend who uses the mifi 2200 who is my neigbor and was playing with me in the match that night and he said, "What the heck just happened?" wierd, happened to both of us at the same time, went from perfect signal to nothing. It's like I have to play at the right time. What is causing this? Is it my device? I also have a Wilson Sleek which I use if i really want to play and im only getting 1 bar at times and usually need 2 to play, which SOMETIMES happens. My main question is, why do I SOMETIMES get a 3 bar connection and SOMETIMES get a 1-2 bar connection. This isn't just black ops by the way, on the 4150L it shows you how many bars, and SOMETIMES it will say 3 bars and SOMETIMES it will say 1 bar. Why is it doing this? Also, at the Verizon Store when I got this MiFi device, they say I will be "equiped" for 4g and that it is "coming." I am guessing my "coming" she meant by a year or two from now? I look on coverage maps and only big cities have 4g, can anyone tell me when 4g will come to Gloucester VA? Thanks.

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