2 year contract but not as advertised

I get 2.4 Mbps download, 0.2 mbps upload near the I-10 west of Phoenix.  The DSL service around here is much faster but Verizon insists I keep their service for the 2 years, even though they cannot provide the "fast" service they advertise to lure customers in.  Additionally, when Windows 8 needed an update, it would have required 4 more gb purchase to do that download.  It is fortunate we had another location nearby with free wireless to do this, but is this the idea?  Buy Verizon and then hunt around for someone else's service to get what we need?  I think if they cannot provide the service, cancel the contract!

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Re: 2 year contract but not as advertised
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Hi patriciaandjohn,

My sincere apologies for the possible service issues in your area. We would be delighted to take a closer look. What device are you using? What zip code are you in? What exact issues are you having? We're here for you, thanks!

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