-37 DBM 4GLTE Signal - 1.5/MB Down/10.1/MB Up?

In the title you can see it all. Currently at my office I am getting really odd signal readings and I think it might suggest something is wrong, I am currently getting a -37DBM reading for 4GLTE, which is supposedly a really great signal. I have about 3 towers within a mile of me. As of right now my download speed is only 1.5/MB all day and night. My upload speed changes from 8MB during the day to 10/MB+ in the evenings. At my home with a reading of -69DBM I am seeing 50/MBs download and 10/MBs upload. I live only a mile from here. Does anyone know what this issue could be caused from?

My currently location is Boca Raton, Florida 33487.


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