3G Service at home but 4G soon as I leave

6 phones later we are dealing with the same issue. Little to No 4G LTE signal at home. It flaps from 1 bar to 0 bars. However if I switch to 3G I get good service. 3G is the only way I can make a voice call.  Next, when I drive down the street I get poor 3G service and have to switch back to 4LTE.  If I forget to switch back and make a voice call - it sounds nasty and distorted. Having to remember to switch back and forth from being at home to being away from home is the worst. I have tried many phones but they all do the same thing. Currently my wife and I are using iPhone 8s with iOS v13.3.1. Zip code 23666.  

Re: 3G Service at home but 4G soon as I leave
Customer Service Rep

We know how important it is to stay connected! Does this only happen inside of your home? Are you using Wi-Fi Calling while in your home?