4510L wont' connect with USB for update

I have downloaded the update software for the 4510L and followed the direction.  But when It's time to connect it to my computer to install the update the WiFi doesn't get recognized by the computer.  It chimes indicating something has been connected, but by no means can I get it show up on any of my computers drive prompts (windows 7). 


I've been having all kinds of connection problems, internet that goes in and out constantly, and sometimes it won't let the computer connect and I have to restart the WiFi.  I'm considering an antenna, but if the device is just bad (and it's the 3rd one they've sent me) what difference does it make?  When I first got it, there were no problems for the first few weeks, now it's worse and worse.  I'm less than 2 miles from downtown Dayton and the Verizon map shows I should be awash in 4G or at least it should drop to 3G.


Any help?  Has anyone done the software update sucessfully?

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