4G/3G/1x/Reception all down and Verizon doesn't care!! Studio City, CA

I've been on calls and chats with verizon wireless about how we have over 100 devices that can't make/receive calls and text messages and the response I get is "our engineers checked your area, and they see no problems."  Well guess what??!!  Bring your engineers to my area and I'll stand next to them and show them that it doesn't work.  I've done everything the rep told me to, I even went as far as completely resetting my device and even purchased a new sim Card to be sure.  This was pointless because I'm not the only one in my company that is having issues.  Androids/iPhones/MiFi devices, none of these work.  I am on Coldwater Canyon between Ventura and Mulholland.   Just so you know, ATT/Sprint reps are ready to fix our issues if you don't.

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