4G / 3G
I've been in 3G mode for the past 3 days. Is the 4G down in NYC? I've tried to disconnect and reconnect several times including series of rebooting, even taking out the battery and inserting it back in. Can someone help!?! Thanks.
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Re: 4G / 3G
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Hi wendy131313!


Have the 4G services been restored now? If you are having any issues, it is best to contact tech support immediately at 800-922-0204 (*611) option 3.  They will be able to see current problem areas, diagnose, troubleshoot, etc.  You can also PM me with your mobile number and I will reach out to you as soon as I can.  We need to check your account, network conditions, device settings, etc. etc


Please follow up with any results or additional info in case someone else comes across your post