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Verizon announced that 4G was coming to Buffalo as of 10/20/11 so I decided to upgrade to a 4G phone.  I have yet had a stable 4G connection since.  Today is the first full day that I cannot send/sync emails because of this issue.  Verizon Customer Service AND Tech support have both stated that Verizon is "working" on the 4G connection issue. 

How can a cell phone company, whos business is a cell phone network, not be able to fix this issue quickly??  IT'S BEEN SINCE OCT 20th that they have had 4G issues and it is now MAY 1st!!!  When will I be able to use this without interruption?  I've been paying an additional $30/month unlimited data for what?!?!

I am giving it 2 more weeks.  I will either be downgrading to a regular phone or cancelling my contract (with no fee, as I have all my conversations with Verizon notated) and moving to a new cell phone company.  I don't pay $90/month for a cell phone and get hardly anything in return.

Anyone else having this issue??

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