4G Connection issues in Jasper, Texas


In the past few months I've been experiencing an odd issue with the 4G LTE service on my mobile phone in the Jasper, Texas area. Throughout the day, I'll have times lasting anywhere from five minutes to an entire hour where my signal will just cut out completely, making it impossible to make or receive calls or texts. This wasn't a problem until a few months ago and it hasn't gone away, if anything it has gotten worse. If my phone supported wifi calling I would simply use that and be done with the problem but unfortunately I don't have such a feature. As far as I can tell there is not a service outage in my area, so it must be a problem on my end, but I don't know really what my options are. Do I need to get a new SIM card or purchase a network extender, or is there a better solution using what I currently have?

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

Re: 4G Connection issues in Jasper, Texas
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Someone just passed along information to me that Verizon is working to upgrade their towers thus towers go down creating dead zones but no information is being provided to users. Might be something similar.