4G Coverage - Reality

I decided to upgrade my Verizon 3G Modem for the Pantech UML290 yesterday, after the Verizon sales person in Reston, VA stated Herndon VA is covered under the 4G network.  After having no success (WMC604 errors) connecting to 4G LTE, reached out to Vz tech support (Greenville, SC).  Technician states the cell towers providing 4G service in Washington, DC is limited and will not provide connection to the outlining cities such as Herndon (approx. 23 miles away from DC).  When I mentioned that the 3G network drops connection after 30 seconds with the Pantech UML290, he states this is a separate issue and is not related to the 4G.  The reality is that the sales hype about 4G LTE  is all about 'selling' a service, which can not be delivered successfully today! 

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Re: 4G Coverage - Reality
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Ugh force it to LTE and not 3G? If you have the engineering programming settings you can do that or contact VZW advanced support....