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4G Extreamly Slow, 87020, with no support or fix from Verizon.

Grants, NM 87020

I have had slow speeds for months.  Not really sure when it started just noticed 4-5 months ago it seemed a lot slower, especially in the evenings.  By slow I mean less than 0.5MB download. Less than 3G speeds.

About 3 months ago I got fed up and started repeatedly complaining to tech support.  They of course always replied the next day, 'We've checked your area, no problems with our equipment in the area, it must be you or your location.   I was sent 2 different replacement MiFi's, no change.  

I started to collect data by travelling with my MiFi and recording speed tests.  In the adjacent towns 10MB+ downloads consistently.  In Albuquerque 20MB+ downloads consistently. In Grants NM, 87020, anywhere in town 0.5MB- consistently.  Tech support said, 'Oh, its your address'.  Even though I got the same speeds anywhere in town, even with 1/2 mile from our lonely cell tower.  I then on a whim got up at 3AM and tested the speed, 10MB+ download! WOW! I haven't seen those speeds in a year! I reported that to tech support, and they lamely said "Its your location", WHAT?

I then recruited a few friends in town with 4G phones to test there speeds. Same lousy speeds. They then called in and reported the same extremely poor speeds I was getting.  Verison, tech support said, we have fixed the problem!  NOT!!! They tested and no change.  They reported the poor speeds, and finally, FINALLY tech support admitted that our area was EXTREMELY over congested.  They have known about it for 6 months and repeatedly lied to its customers.

They are selling 4G today in town, knowing its not available.  The store phones and MiFi's have a special fast lane and work at normal speeds, but walk out the door with your new phone and your in Verizon 4G hell.

And now the bad news. No date of when they will upgrade our site to support the traffic, the traffic they keep adding to by selling 4G service here!

An incredible show of a sever lack of integrity and truthfulness on Verizon's part.

Scott Derrick 

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Re: 4G Extreamly Slow, 87020, with no support or fix from Verizon.

Well I've contacted our local paper in the hopes they will publish a story about how Verizon has know for months, as in 6-9 months that our cell station is extremely congested and are doing nothing to resolve it. The only thing they are doing is still selling phones and data devices and of course 2 year contracts for 4G service at the 3 Verizon distributors in town.   As more devices are activated the speeds are dropping below 0.2MB downloads in the evening.