4G In Virginia

So I have a question...a lot of small towns are getting 4G in other states...Why hasn't VIRGINIA seen ANY 4G coverage areas....NO DO NOT INCLUDE D.C. IN IT.  We are a heavily populated state too, especially for military and other government branches...but it seems we are the last to get stuff. And really??? Bristol, VA is going to be the first town in VA to get 4G...by the end of 2012...yea thanks Verizon for working hard to get it in VA like you told me 1.5 years ago. Thanks for the lies.

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Re: 4G In Virginia
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I'm wondering why you think you deserve 4g more than any other area in the country... also, do you think VZW does no research into their rollout? There are going to be reasons, most likely backhauling the connections for their towers.