4G Issues in South San Francisco, CA (94080)

I haven't been able to get onto the 4G LTE network since around 6pm on 10/3/2011. Is the network down in my area or in the San Francisco Bay Area? I've tweeted this info to @VZWSupport but have not received an answer yet.

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Re: 4G Issues in South San Francisco, CA (94080)
Verizon Employee

Hi Superdupermanda,


Are you still having issues with your 4G LTE connection at your location? There were no reported issues with the service in the location you mentioned. Sometimes to help your device reconnect, please try power cycling your device. This helps to refresh the network connection. Also, check the setting on your device to see if the CDMA/LTE Mode is enabled to connect to our 4G towers.  


To check to make sure the CDMA/LTE mode is enabled:

1. From the main screen touch Menu

2. Touch Settings
3. Touch Wireless & Networks
4. Touch Mobile Networks

5. Network Mode

6. Select CDMA/LTE


Please post back if these suggestions help with reconnecting your device. I hope this helps.