4G LTE - All is well, that ends well.

Today morning in Fargo, ND, Verizon switched on the LTE. Over the last couple of weeks I have been struggling with first a samsung and then 4510L hotspots. I guess I have even complained about the loss of connectivity and loss of work in various forums. Both the hotspots all of a sudden will throw me offline. So yesterday when I went to bed I set my 4510L WWAN to LTE only and the WIFI to 'n' only. Ofcourse, yesterday night at 1100pm the hotspot could find no network. Today morning at 430 I switched on the hotspot and in 30-40 seconds it was all green, As of 1222 CST not a single disconnect. Yesterday, 4510L dropped connection 17 times. Well now I am inside a warehouse-like building with steel roof and brick walls, and I am still getting ~12-17mbps and 5-7 mbps down and uploads, respectively. Well I wanted >20mbps but it is not at all bad considering I had 1.5mbps and 450kbps discontinously just a day earllier. Am I happy or what. Good job Verizon with the LTE deployment.

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I have had my MiFi 4510L since September 3, which is two weeks ago. I have had some intermittent connection issues, but not to the degree experienced by several posters on the forum. I had a little bit of trouble upgrading the MiFi 4510L, but I called Verizon support and they were able to help me through it. The representative was kind enough to stay on the line while I verified that the upgrade had been installed properly.


I haven't used my MiFi 4510L extensively, but I took it on a trip to Florida, and I had 4G connections at 4 different airports and at the hotel. I saw my mother on Labor Day and I had 3G connectivity at her home (she lives in a rural town). The only place where the connection was really poor was at the far end of an airport concourse.


About a week ago, the 4G speedtest results at my home went from 2Mbps to 5-6 Mbps for downloads and the upload speeds also doubled. I guess that Verizon may still be deploying and upgrading towers in my area.


I'm not experiencing blazing fast speeds, but they are faster than my previous ISP (which was a tower-based and dish-delivered wireless broadband service).


I have experienced a couple of occasions in the past week with the MiFi 4510L getting locked into 3G mode. I don't have an explanation for that.


All in all, the device is working well for me.



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Good job huh. Your paying for more you should get more.


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