4G LTE Congestion

Hi all -

Several months ago, I was getting nearly 30-40Mbps up and 5-10Mbps down depending on the time of day, on my 4G LTE at my home. Recently, for about the last month, month and a half, speeds have decreased to a total crawl. So much so, I have to get about 2 miles down the road before my Android Auto Play will even come online for mobile navigation.

Recent speed tests from both Google and Speedtest.net are now reporting 2-3Mbps down and .05-.10Mbps up at the worst. 6-8Mbps down and .5Mbps up at best. These speeds don't generally change even when test are ran at different times of the day. Tests were ran on a 2-3 bar connection. 

I have a feeling the issue is related to congestion on the band / tower I am on, however, with Samsung removing the ability to change your band, I am stuck on an oversaturated band.  Connection strength has not changed between then and now, which is why my mind is pointing towards band congestion.

I am on a Samsung S21+, that is fully up-to-date. I do know it is not a SIM or device issue. About 5 minutes down the road, at my neighbor's house, I am getting around 70Mbps down and 15-20Mbps up. I am more-so than anything really curious how, within a few months or so, my speed is about 1/10th of what it use to be. 

Additional note: I did wait for a new billing cycle to ensure I wasn't simply getting throttled, even though I am on an unlimited data plan. 

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We understand how important a strong data connection is and we want to help. We've sent you a private note. ~Peter