4G LTE Network Extender

I own 2 iphone 12 pros for 3 years and about 6 mths ago callers on both started hearing choppy reception of every other word while we were in our home.  The phones work fine while we are away from home. Both phones while home have 3-4 bars of cell power, they dont miss calls, drop calls and we can hear fine and make calls. 
On April 6, i called tech support and after lengthy trouble shooting the tech sent me an LTE Network Extender for my home. I booted it up and it shows service active, connected to 8 of 10 satellites but 0 of 14 devices.  Both phones are set with wifi calling off and voice/data set to LTE. When i dial #48 from both phones i get the msg the call is not on LTE network.  The extender is not connecting to my phones. 
sSince then i have worked with about a dozen techs from tier 1 to tier 3 network extender specialist who have submitted 3 trouble tickets to network technicians to check the cell tower and switch serving my home.  All to no avail.  Anyone have any suggestions?

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