4G LTE Router & Support

I recently upgraded from a MIFI2200 3G to the 4G LTE Router (along with larger data allowance).
I was somewhat skeptical before I made the switch as the MIFI2200 was incredibly reliable and I had reasonable connection speeds (1.2-2.5 Mbs)..
However, after installing the 4G Router and having a minor issue, I called the Support folks... they were incredibly responsive and helpful.
It's now been a couple of months and I must say the router is AWESOME.  Typical DL speeds of 16-25 Mbs! and I live on the fringe of their 4G map.
No interruptions, have only had to restart it a couple of times and it covers every part of my house, including the basement.
Customer service is pretty dang good - I had an issue with the first month's billing and they resolved it with no hassles. 
I can't speak to their cell phone services, as I use a different carrier, but this being the only viable alternative I have for high speed internet access, Verizon has done well by me.

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