4G LTE Unlimited Plan Throttled/Optimized?

I'm grandfathered into the unlimited data plan.  I recently purchased a Droid Bonic.  I've used over 4 gigs of data during the month (mainly through have the my kids watch some movies).   While in a 4G LTE market, I tried to download two apps from the Android Market, both where approximately 3 megs.   I'm not in an area with WiFi (on a train)  and I'm getting a message that 'Download size requires Wi-Fi' - so I can't download the apps.  My understanding is that if you're on a 3G phone, your data may be 'optimized' if you're over 2 G's of download; however, this wasn't applicable to 4G LTE phones.   But it appears it is - was there something I missed in the small print about 4G LTE having limits when you're on an unlimited date plan?

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Re: 4G LTE Unlimited Plan Throttled/Optimized?
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The application developer might have also put a restriction on the application to only allow wifi downloads only.

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