4G LTE Upload is Timing Out In Alexandria, LA

In the past few weeks when I run speedtest.net's app on my iPhone 5, the upload speed never reports anything, will just keeping spinning and spinning on zero.  Also, iMessages would not send on LTE, but send fine on 3G and obviously connected via WiFi.  Yesterday I brought my phone in for a home button issue and played with the Droid devices in store.  To my surprise, they all reported zero on the upload tests.  Tried some LTE iPads, same issue.  Download speeds work great as intended, but there's something wrong with the network in this area.

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Re: 4G LTE Upload is Timing Out In Alexandria, LA
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Hi cchaos23,

We want to make sure your LTE speeds are properly working for you in Alexandria, LA. Has this same trouble continued with the speed test app? Have you had trouble uploading any info to the web since the speedtest stopped reporting upload speeds? If you haven't experienced trouble with web browsing, social media apps or games then it appears it's the application itself that is having difficulties reporting the details. This appears to be the case due to many other devices duplicating the same trouble. If this is the case I encourage you to reach out to the developer of the app to find a resolution and have the app working as expected. If you find that you're experiencing this trouble then I ask that you please reset network settings to try to get this LTE trouble resolved. Follow the steps on http://bit.ly/OPvlTr. When the device powers up make sure to turn WiFi off and retest data connection.

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