4G LTE coverage for Aiea, HI, Zip Code 96701

I live on Aiea Heights Drive and have noticed that my 4G LTE coverage drops off to 3G when I am in my house.  When I drive out onto Aiea Heights Drive the 4G LTE coverage resumes.  When using different apps to check the coverage, I notice that I have full bars in 3G and I am connected to a cell site that is on Halawa Heights near Camp Smith.  Correct me if I am wrong, but I am guessing that the Halawa Heights /Camp Smith cell site is not upgraded to 4G LTE yet?  If this is correct, are there any plans to upgrade it?

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Re: 4G LTE coverage for Aiea, HI, Zip Code 96701
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Does anyone know how to boost a 4g signal? Lots of stuff on the internet but I can't find anyone who has used it and Verizon does NOT want to help with the loss of signal.