4G LTE coverage no longer available in North Eastern PA?

Since the server issues of the last week in June 2014, it appears non of my phones can connect to any 4G LTE service in any location in PA like Allentown, Stroudsburg, Wilkes Barre, etc. Only available service is 3G. Is there an outage affecting 4G LTE service in this area? When will 4G LTE service be re-instated? I pay for 4G service and feel I am being short changed by having to deal with just 3G service in areas where I have had excellent 4G LTE coverage. Is Verizon compensating for service downgrades?

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privateer0506 We certainly want you to have the best service! The locations you provided are not showing any outages or service alerts. Let's take a look at your device and make sure the settings are correct. What make and model phone do you have? Also, wanted to inform you that customers do not pay additional for having 4g service. Although  we definitely want you to ge the most out of 4g customers with 3g devices pay the same (depending on the price plan, device type etc).

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