4G LTE data overages - when will Verizon own this?

After month over month of extraordinary data overages and countless hours on the phone with Verizon to no avail, I finally switched to AT&T.  The speed is a little slower but for 2 mos running, my average monthly data use has been 18GB compared to Verizon billing me for between 40GB- 70GB per month. No change in internet habits proved that Verizon LTE doesn't work and Verizon is over-charging.  Unfortunately, everything else about the LTE Broadband was great! Sorry it had to go but the invoice in April for $470 was the last straw!  I sure wish Verizon would be a stand-up company and give me a credit or would have seriously looked into the situation instead of the myriad of excuses but no joy so no choice but to kick 'em to the curb. Maybe there will be a class action suit at some point I can participate in.. until then, just cutting losses.

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