4G LTE down in Houston TX?

Over about the past month, I have not had any 4G coverage in Houston.  During the past month, I've taken trips out of town- to Boise, Id, and Dallas, Tx and had 4G coverage in those markets.

What is going on with 4G in Houston?  I recently upgraded to a phone to get 4G coverage, and after about a month of it, I don't have it.  This is not what I signed up for when I gave up my old unlimited data plan.

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Re: 4G LTE down in Houston TX?
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This has been happening to me too over in Beaumont.  I am an hour east of you in Houston.  My 4G has been off and on for a month and over the past weekend, it was totally out.  I was on 3G all weekend and still am today.  FRUSTRATED!