4G LTE getting slower in NW


I use my iPhone 5 with LTE in the pacific northwest (mostly Portland and Seattle) and I have been noticing that the connection speeds for LTE have gotten worse over the past year. A Speedtest app gave me 20mbit down/10mbit in December last year but now I am at 1.5mbit up and 0.5mbit down. These numbers are consistent with what I am seeing when using the phone.

This is worrying since I occasionally need the phone to connect my laptop to work. I have heard from several colleagues that they are seeing similar issues so I don't think this is a problem with my phone.

Is this a known issue and if yes, are there any plans of fixing it?



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Re: 4G LTE getting slower in NW
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We are always looking for customer feedback on areas that may need improvement, buchweizen. But Portland and Seattle are both extremely large areas to be having so much trouble. Do you have this trouble with data in a particular area of either city? Is it only when you're indoors? Or when accessing a particular website or application? Please share some more details so we can help find the speed you need.

Thank you

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