4G LTE (i mean, 1X) in Morgantown, WV
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So, now AT&T has rolled out 4G in Morgantown. I also read that U.S. Cellular, a mediocre regional carrier at best, is rolling out 4G in Morgantown next month. And, where do we stand with Verizon's 4G LTE in Morgantown? Oh yeah, we don't have a clue because Verizon is hush hush on everything they do. I'll continue to enjoy my super fast 1X (sense the sarcasm?) while a friggin' regional carrier (U.S. Cellular) rolls out 4G before the mighty Verizon Powerless.

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Re: 4G LTE (i mean, 1X) in Morgantown, WV
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Well it happen's and that's why it's all ways a good idea to look at the maps to see what you are getting as 3g/4g gos.

I think unless you have unlimited smart phone data. You should jump ship, if they can't fix it very soon.

I know If I only had 1x, I would jump ship.( Yes I have had to deal with 1x, sprint LIKE 3G and AT&T throttled LIKE 4G LTE so I know how it's like.)

Sorry they did not even put up some kind of 3G even over there.

Good luck with what ever you do about it. Smiley Happy