4G LTE in Santa Clarita, CA

OK...I realize this has been asked but the non-answer answer is frustrating (check here to see if your city is listed is NOT an answer).

How about straight answers, please.  We had 4G pushed down our throats in your marketing for the last year, yet, to date, we not only don't have 4G LTE in Santa Clarita, CA...we don't even have an ETA as to when we are getting it.  When my wife bought her phone in November, we were told December/January...when I bought my phone in January, I was told March...when I asked in June, I was told "I don't know"...today I was told maybe September to December.

Really?  Is this how a multi-billion dollar company operates? 

Please commit to a delivery date and then, you know, DELIVER.

When is Santa Clarita getting 4G LTE?

Thank you,

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Re: 4G LTE in Santa Clarita, CA
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The odds of you getting an answer from this peer to peer customer forum are pretty slim. No customer knows until the press release is available. Most employees won't know either. Those that do will most likely want to keep their jobs instead of spreading confidential information to the public.

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.