4G LTE internet installed... cancelling soon

I have 4G LTE internet installed in my home (fixed internet service with antenna on my roof).

My contract is up next month, so I'm planning to switch to another service.

I have never been happy with the fact that the service does not "shut off" when your limit is reached for a month.

Satellite providers are now offering plans with more flexibility than Verizon's plans. I can make large downloads at night.  They even offer a plan to let you continue browsing and checking email once your limit is reached for the month.  After your limit, you just can't use streaming video or make large downloads.

That sounds great to me, because I can't stream video with my Verizon service, my 20 GB would be gone in a flash.

I know satellite has issues with latency and will be slower.

Guess what?  I don't care!!  I'm tired of my "super fast" LTE that I can only use to check my email and browse the web.  I'm tired of telling my kids that I can't let them have internet, because if I did I would pay $400 a month to Verizon or end up in prison.  I've had it with rationing out time on my computer.  I'm done with going to the library if I need to update my computer or download a video.

If I do need a faster internet, I will buy a plan through AT&T, which offers LTE in my area.  My phones are all AT&T now and they work great!  My bill with satellite and this AT&T plan will give me better service at a lower cost than Verizon.

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