4G - MiFi 4G LTE LED Colors Explained & Corrected
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I had the 1st Gen 3G MiFi. It was okay, but not always great. Speed Tests revealed an average of 1.19Mbps download & 1.0Mbps upload. TechSupport (Oscar) was a major help in increasing speed via some firmware updates to 2.24 & 2.0. Yet, I decided to upgrade to the 4G LTE MiFi @ $10 less/mo.


I arrived and it was much faster. Initial speed test resulted and average of 24.0 Mbps download & 22.0 upload. The new MiFi LED would blink green, but never blue, which the brochure says is 4G connection.  I called Verizon and Steve helped straighten it out: Green is the LED color for 4G, the pamphlet is wrong. So, that said, here are the colors


White (unlit) is off

Yellow - Solid - Is powering down

Yellow - blinking - is charging

Red - Sim Card missing or error

Violet - solid - on 3G, service available but not connected

Violet - blinking - on 3G & connected

Green - solid - on 4g, service available but not connected

Green - blinking - on 4G & connected




So, if you're waiting for Blue LED, it does not apply 


Green is the 4G color spectrum


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Re: 4G - MiFi 4G LTE LED Colors Explained & Corrected

Just like at a 4 way intersection when the light Turns Green you Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. :smileyvery-happy: