4G Service Out 2 Weeks - How to REALLY Escalate

I live in a very rural area in Tennessee but Verizon coverage here has always been consistent, if not exceptionally strong.  Two weeks ago today our coverage dropped and neither of our iPhones nor our home router were able to pick up 4G LTE.  The 3G response is so slow as to essentially be unusable. 

I contacted Verizon tech support Thursday 10/10 and spoke to a very reassuring rep who told me that service outages were highest priority & they'd get right on it.  After no call back for 24 hours I went into a Verizon store, where I was connected to a rep.  After looking at the records he told me it was a congestion issue and that my best options were 1) get a wired Internet at home (not available where I am) or 2) go to another carrier in which case Verizon would waive all early termination fees.

On Saturday 10/12 I went to a different Verizon store where the local sales rep contacted tech support.  Tech support now said there was a known problem on a tower some 40 miles North of me that was affecting our service - being worked on.

After some experimentation we found that we could get 4G signals outside the house on the northwest side.  So during the day we put our home router on the deck & limped along.  I ordered an external antenna for the router to allow us to keep the router, well inside.

Friday 1018 still having heard nothing from Verizon I again contacted Tech Support.  This time they again cited congestion but made some coy comments about actions taken intentionally on some nearby towers.  Again Verizon aware of the issue but no estimate of timeframe to resolve.  Could be days or months.  A picture begins to become clearer.  Just conjecture but sounds like Verizon had congestion somewhere in the vicinity of our towers and re-oriented the antennae to add capacity where needed.  In the process our signal strength went to sh...... was degraded. 

I proposed that we could get by for the interim using all our data from the router, since iPhones in the house got no 4G at all BUT Verizon would have to lift the 15GB throttle on the router.  Seemed like a reasonable request since our phones were going to have to get their data (normally at least 22GB each on the Unlimited Plan) only through the router.  I was assured that this was simply impossible.  I asked for further escalation and was told that I would get a call, probably on Monday.  Today is Wednesday, no call so far.  Why am I not surprised?

Anyone know how to reach Verizon Executive Escalation?

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