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4G Speeds

Okay, so I've ran speed test after speed test with my average d/l speed of 2.6 mbps and upload speeds coming in at 1.2-2.6 mbps. I've been seeing everywhere that speeds should be between 5-12 mbps. I called tech support and the only solution they offered was a new sim card. Has anyone else had this issue? BTW, it's been the same speeds since I've had the phone, which was the day it rolled out.



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Re: 4G Speeds

I cannot get a 4g connection in my house, so I took a gamble and have a custom setup. I installed a cell antenna on the house (the cell antenna has to be specifically for the verizon 4g frequency) and ran cable from that to my home office. I am getting 10Mbits p/sec down and 2/3 Mbits p/sec up consistently, ping is about 45-55 ms. It's amazing - I have been on dial-up for 10 years. I am in Monroe, WA. If you want more info on my setup, let me know.

Re: 4G Speeds

Where did you get your frequency booster at? 


For everyone else following the thread, the 4g signal is 700 Mhz and you can buy these 3rd party boosters that help for us guys in the boonies!

Re: 4G Speeds

I currently have the 746-806MHz 10dBi 50deg - ZDADJ750-10YG cell antenna from I think Verizon runs on the upper C Band 746-806MHz. At least that is what I have been told thru hearsay and am in no way an expert on this stuff. But, the antenna I have seems to be doing the job.


The closest tower that I am aware of is 8 miles south of me and I do not have line of sight. I hope my reception continues because this stuff is not an exact science it seems.