4G and Android VMWare View Client

I am having trouble getting the Android VMWare view client to work on 4G network. It works fine on 3G.


I use my Samsung SCH-LC11 with my Asus Transformer tablet successfully in the Silver Spring/Collumbia, MD area.

I am using Android 3.2.1


When connecting at 3G speeds, I can use the VMWare view client without problems.

When connecting at 4G speeds, I get timeout messages.

I get this behavior in the Silver Spring, MD area AND in the Ocean City, MD area.


I have the SpeedTest app to convince me I have the expected upload/download speeds (at least on port 80)


When connecting at home using WiFi, I get no problems either.


Verizon technical support states there are no port blocking or throttling at 3G or 4G networks.

Verizon technical support told me that the 4G connections on the towers may have "traffic issues" causing limited throughput.

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