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4G and Data cutting in and out
I have had a Thunderbolt for about 3 mo now and about 4 days ago my phone stopped picking up 4G. I have used the phone info test and have it set correctly to pick up 4G. The data will also cut in and out if I am streaming video or playing games. I am more concerned about the 4G. It was running continuously from the day I bought the phone until 4 days ago. I have rebooted several times but will not go into 4G. Any help would be appreciated.
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Re: 4G and Data cutting in and out

does it show 3g or just no data?


if just 3g maybe you got throttled, if no data i would call and be prepared for a factory data reset

Re: 4G and Data cutting in and out
Verizon Employee

Please reply and let me know if you are still having problems getting connected to 4G.

When you rebooted, did you remove the battery & even the SIM card? Once you removed & reinserted, what happened?

Is there anyone else with or around you that may also have a 4G device from Verizon? If so, are they also having problems picking up 4G?


Have you also tried these steps from the phone?



(Two work arounds provided to us from HTC are listed below)


1.  From the home screen, select Applications.

2.  Select Settings.

3.  Select Wireless & network.

4.  Select Mobile networks.

5.  Select Use packet data.

Enabled when a orange check mark is present.


The next is..,


1.  From the home screen, select and hold the status bar (located at the top of the display).

2.  Drag the window shade to the bottom of the display.

3.  Select Mobile data.

Enabled when a orange indicator is present


Let me know what happens. I want to ensure you are able to continue to Rule The Air with your 4G device.


Re: 4G and Data cutting in and out
Community Leader
Community Leader
Ummm, Tamara or Ed. Those steps are not quite correct for the HTC Thunderbolt. The mobile data network is not called packet data and you can't access the mobile data switch from the window shade. The steps do sound like they might work for the Droid Charge based on what I know about the TouchWiz UI on the Droid Charge.

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.

Re: 4G and Data cutting in and out
Those steps provided do not work with a thunderbolt. There is no packet data option and the highlights are blue not Orange. I have done battery pulls, sim card pulls, and had my data reset thru the phone info test page. I still cannot access 4G. I don't have any other devices to check the signal, but I went from having it everyday with full service to 3G with full service. Any other ideas?
Re: 4G and Data cutting in and out

I would just leave it on 3G, you will end up locking on to that anyway once if you get the 4G and the infamous Verizon routing disaster happens every 15-30 minutes....

Re: 4G and Data cutting in and out

I also have the same problem: my HTC Thunderbolt will have a good 4G signal, which will randomly drop. All Voice, Text and Data will cease working without any warning. After determining this failure, I can go into

Settings >

Wireless & networks >

Mobile network will show "Connection failed"

I can uncheck and re-check the "Mobile network" option, and will get the subtext 'Connected' and the phone will begin to work as it should.

However the problem will return eventually.

Frequency of problem:  dozens of times per day

Location of Problem: all locations (including in areas with strong to weak dBm (coverage)) 

Attempts to Resolve: Restart phone. power cycle phone. battery pull. remove memory & SIM cards. Update software. Wipe phone. Probably next going to exchange for a new Tbolt.

(I have tried a variety of solutions. I think the problem is likely native software handling 4G handoff for the phone or for the network. Alternately, my phone hardware.)  



Hardware v.0002 

Android 2.2.1



Build 1.70.605.0...

Software 1.70.605.0 

Re: 4G and Data cutting in and out

A temporary fix is available for the HTC Thunderbolt dropping its 4G connection! 

Post containing solution
( )

Props to ChristinaB_VZW Wireless Employee for contributing the "force Rev A" solution. I used it once and currently have had signifigantly less problems.

Re: 4G and Data cutting in and out

same thing happens to me....


for the first time, no 3g or 4g internet, voice is clear as day.


called customer service-took batt/sim card out, data roaming checked, toggle between airplane mode, etc.. nothing works


on for like 10min then out for an hour...repeat for a while.


getting pretty tired of it....