4G available in my area - but my MiFi 4510L doesn't see it

Basically what the title says - 4G is now available in my area - people are getting it on their phones, but my MiFi is still blinking with a purple light, and not a green light.


Sorry for the basic question, but how do I get my MiFi to see the new 4G network in my area? I tried a battery/sim pull - and nothing.




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Re: 4G available in my area - but my MiFi 4510L doesn't see it
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Your MiFi will make a decision to connect to 3G or 4G when both networks are in range.  The most recent firmware update of version 2.23 is supposed to improve on the decision making process.  Depending on how new your MiFi is, it may or maynot have been preloaded with this firmware version already.


If you are already on 2.23 then you can try configuring your MiFi to only connect to 4G.  The tradeoff is that your device will not automatically switch back to 3G if you walk out of range of your 4G area.  Some manual maintenance is needed with this solution.  See the steps below.


Use 4G only

1. Power on the MiFi

2. Connect to the MiFi

3. Navigate to http://mifi.admin

4. Sign into the MiFi

5. Click the WWAN tab

6. Click the More link at the bottom of the page

7. Change the WWAN Preferred Mode from Global to LTE Only

8. Click Apply

9. Test your connection