4G data down in Tampa?
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I recently returned from a trip to Baltimore where I picked up 4G signal. Upon arriving back into Tampa late Sunday evening, I was able to briefly pick up 4G service, but ALL day today (Monday, July 30th) and now into Tuesday morning (I work graveyard), I have been on 3G and it seems that it is not sending any email or other data through. This is rather frustrating when you have your work email tied to your device.

Does anyone know if there is an outage in the Tampa area? The best part about this is, I live, and work, within 5 minutes from the Tampa office on Hillsborough Ave.

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Re: 4G data down in Tampa?
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Hello kwashi01,

Tampa, FL is one of my favorite cities in the world! With so many activities and the warm weather, Tampa is a place I would LOVE to move to! As far as 4G data services, there aren’t any issues reported in the city. May I ask what make and model device are you using? Also, what zip code are you in when you are having the issue? Below are a few basic troubleshooting steps that you can try.

• Do a battery and sim car pull, reinsert, and retest.
• Verify that the software is current on the device.
• Ensure that data roaming is enabled.
• Perform a hard reset.

Prior to completing a hard reset, I would recommend verifying that your personal info is backed up. This can be done using your Gmail account or by using Backup Assistant Plus. After you complete the factory reset, there is a brief tutorial on how to setup the device. Once the device is setup, please test all services for functionality and advise if issue is resolved.

Thank you…

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