4G dead spot, feeble 3G spot

Recently, upon picking a new mobile provider, I knew I was going to be moving to Hawaii (Big Island), so I checked all of the major carriers' coverage maps, and preferring Verizon, noted that ALL the habited spaces of Kailua Kona was covered with 4G service.  I signed up for 4GB of data, as I intended to use my phone as the hot spot for my new home.  Upon moving here and staying in a hotel for a time downtown, I was delighted at the blazing speeds I was getting.  Upon moving to my new (to me) rental house, I now get no 4G connectivity, and lame 3G speed (1-2 bars at best).  I went to the local Verizon office and was basically told I was SOL, and that perhaps I could purchase a Verizon 4G LTE Router to see if its better antenna would improve my signal.  Not wanting to spend $99 plus $20 PER MONTH more for this "solution", I'm disappointed in this response.  If there are weak spots in coverage where adequate signal coverage is advertised, the carrier should offer to do more than suggest that THE CUSTOMER purchase the equipment to fix THE CARRIER'S deficiency.

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