4G epic fail?

I do not know what the current situation is however i am now aware that my device is not the only device to experiencing this 4G data outage problem.


I am just filling up the 4G discussion boards with these similar complaints so i can get back my "blazing" 4G speeds on my phone.


Verizon Wireless; you guys make tons and tons of tv-ads that proclaim your 4G speeds are lightning fast and lightning strong but what is the whole point of this when 4G isnt working in the first place.


I tried the following:

1. battery pull (power cycle)

2. airplane mode refresh

3. switching LTE automatic to CDMA then refreshing

4. i even tried a factory data reset.


none of the following worked :smileysad:


please get your 4G up and at em again Verizon Wireless!


I cant show off my 4G phone and its speeds to customers who are moving over to 3G smartphones to 4G ones!

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