4G future devices

I was just wondering and please excuse me if this has been addressed. I know that the smart phones are going to eventually all be 4G. Will eventually all Verizon be 4G. Or is it only smart phones that will be 4G. I have a smart phone right now and like it but not crazy about it. I just don't use web very much. I have the $15 still and am thinking about when I am eligible for a new phone getting a 4G feature phone, if feature phones are going to be 4G.

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Re: 4G future devices
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To my knowledge, Verizon has not announced anything, so any answer will likely just be speculation.


Now that that's out of the way, I'd imagine that you can look to what VZW did with 3G to get an idea of the direction going forward.  Even though 1xRTT ("1G") is still available, Verizon made 3G available on feature phones.  Given this, I would imagine that 4G will be available on feature phones at some point in the future.