4G online gaming doesnt work why? i need someone who actually cares to help me plse!!!

my modem is Pantech UML290     .i  notice cannot play any online games...my old 3g modem works perfectly with the same games but this new service as far as online games or this modem apparently has issues...i have had nothing but problems, high ping rates and packet loss as well as jitter and no one with the exception of 1 service tech apparently cares...they only care that you can connect and brows web to a degree....i have spoke to 8 techs only one cares and states their is a problem....i have tested this on speedtest.com upload and download speed is fast remarkably fast but inconsistant, the ping is terible and jitter and packet loss is even worse...i am going to try to replace the modem as last form of troubleshoooting, if that doesnt work then 4g can go in the trash until they resolve the problem....they advertise online gameing and video streaming for 4g...i cannot do online gaming will not even connect to game host due to high pings and data loss...and yet the new service wich is supposed to be much better and support online gaming doesnt work and my 3g device works without a problem, can play games all day long without i hitch and no one from tech can explain why....sounds like a problem..i have spoke with several people on forums they have all said the same thing....release tech and dontr know how to fix the problems....the response you will get is all we care about is that you can connect and view the web!!! wow so when i buy a car i guess all they care about is the car moves, they dont care if the ac worrks or anything else does to...thats the way its been explained to me time and time again...except for 1 tech...   the games that i have tried to play is BATTLEFIELD BAD COMPANY 2,     CALL OF DUTY MODERN WARFARE 2 ,  STARCRAFT 2,  noNE will work,  note been playing with old 3g device and service for over a yr with no problems!!  SOMEONE PLSE HELP!!!

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I live out in the country and have no high speed internet so i bought the pantech UML290 and I have been able to play on the 4g network right out of the box. Plugin, install, and go. I Play Bad Company2 and my ping is usually 142. I connect to a chicago server from okc and my gameplay has improved so much more. I get 2 to 3 bars in my house and it flys on web pages.  I had the at@t lightning 3g and my pings on the same server were 185 but spiked up to 999 and back down to 180's . I love this UML290 and do not have Idea why you are having problems. I would return the uml and get another one. You might make sure the other communication software is uninstalled and worst case scenario, reformat the hard drive and start with a fresh install.  Can you give a description of your computer specs ?  Is this going through a cradlepoint router ? I would be happy to try to help, I know how much it sucks have a laggy gaming experience.