4G out in San Clemente CA (HTC Thunderbolt)

It's been a few days now that my HTC Thunderbolt is only getting 1x or 3G service in all the regular locations that I normally get 4G. My phone is set to: cdma + lte/evdo auto.


I live in a covered 4G area, yet I've been getting nothing but 3G. I've pulled the battery, pulled the SIM, forced the phone into Airplane mode, then back out. Even turned off the mobile network then turned it back on, and NOTHING. Still only 3G. I called tech support on Sunday and they told me "we're having 4G issues, its a known issue and it'll be in and out." 


Yesterday I took it into a Verizon store and was told after yet another settings check and battery removal that it was a tower issue. I know other people in my area with 4G Verzion phones and they're getting 4G signal, so this appears to be an issue with the Thunderbolt or maybe just my phone, however I've read orher Bolt owners dealing with the same issue.


Funny thing is that when you don't get your payment you cut off my service, but I'm locked into your tearms and paying for a service that works some of the time. Please tell me where to go or what to do to receive the service I'm paying you for.




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Re: 4G out in San Clemente CA (HTC Thunderbolt)
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If other people in the same area are getting LTE, then it is likely a phone issue. Feel free to call VZW at 1-866-406-5154 where they will be able to troubleshoot your phone with you and send you a replacement phone if necesary. When you call, call from another cellphone/landline and start off by explaining to the representative that you have pulled the battery, done a master reset, etc. and you  are still not getting 4G where others are not experiencing any issues.


You should have no problem getting a replacement phone sent out if your phone is faulty.

Re: 4G out in San Clemente CA (HTC Thunderbolt)
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Hello ksully,


I can definitely take the time to troubleshoot your 4G connection further. Has the connection now been restored? Have you spoken to technical support on the phone? As of today there are no alerts for data issues in the San Clemente area.  If you would like to PM  your name and cell # I can investigate the account and network settings.  I look forward to hearing from you.