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With 3 out of 5 signal bars and 4G service, looks like my phone has detected a lack of 4G so it's moved over to 3G, yet while texting and attempting to send an image via regular SMS, the available bandwidth is so bad that I feel as though I am being throttled to a standstill. Amazing that we have to accept this as "service."  And I am located 5 miles away from the Pittsburgh International airport and less than 5 miles from the center of town, a business center. You would expect much better service coverage and performance in this type of environment.

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Yup, that's why I left and they sent me a survey asking how they could get customers to come back. Um, don't charge me $100 for a service that works half the time and never admit that it's your fault? That might be a start. Oh, here, let me give the answer someone from VZW will. "Let's pull your battery or reset your device. I'm glad I could help." You: "I still have the same issue." VZW: "Well, stand on your head and tape tinfoil to your toes." You: "Oh, now it works." VZW: "As a safety precaution do not make calls that last longer than 8 minutes in that position."

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First being 5 miles from the nearest tower is quite far. Second SMS is sent over 1x not 4G or even 3G. 1x would be at best 140 kbps.