4G returns to Charlotte
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3G came back late last night, 4G just popped up.


So...... Verizon...... how about that discount on our bill?

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Re: 4G returns to Charlotte
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Verizon Wireless is not offering credits in relation to this recent 4G outage, as service was brought back up within hours and remained available in 1x during the outage. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. 



Re: 4G returns to Charlotte

Perhaps you should call your help line and listen to the recording while on hold about the "world class" service.  You are not providing a refund because it was only out for hours?  It's out right now for me with NO eta, and it was down yesterday for me too.  That is DAYS, not hours.  And when I called tech support they had no information on an outage in my city, they only knew it was down NATIONWIDE.  So how do you, ROYB, know that this particular customer was only without 4G service (which we pay more for that we would pay for 1x service) for hours.  The answer is you DO NOT KNOW, and you are not providing the level of OUTSTANDING CUSTOMER SERVICE and GUARANTEED SATISFACTION that your own company's hold message says you do.  


To be clear: If I am without service for 4 days, and you give me a 4 day credit without asking, that is not OUTSTANDING service, that is your MINIMAL legal obligation to your customers.


OUTSTANDING customer service is: giving customers a much larger credit, such as 1 full month, or at least 8 days credit for a 4 day outage.  And that credit should go to all customers without forcing us to call and argue the point with customer service representatives who are trained to give us the minimum (I just talked to one). 


Why do we deserve a larger than 4 day credit for a 4 day outage? Because you promise not just service, but reliable service.  And because if I decide not to login to 4G for 4 days, I don't get to not pay for those 4 days.  I pay for all 30 days whether I use it or not.  If I can't pro-rate my service, why should you get to?