4G service in Zips 86337, 86320 and 86406 are still crap. Almost 60 hours and waiting. Best 4G coverage, I don't think so.
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Follow up, Same old, same old. So much for reliable fixed service in rural areas. Band width sucks. The whole 4G pipeline from Seligman to Flagstaff, AZ is broken.

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Verizon  4G service in Williams, Az 86320 returned to normal service at 08:55 AM PST December 30, 2015 according to router logs. In mean time no further comments from Verizon technical support. Did I expect more? My answer is yes. How can it possibly be called an enterprise service with outages and down times like this.

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We always want to ensure you always get the most of your service! I'd love to further investigate. Are you traveling through the area or at a stationary location? How long has this been occurring?
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There is something wrong with the back bone service either flooded with

too much traffic which happens all the time or there is a problem in a

switch or router. I have a static IP and primarily connect to Williams

site at -69dBm signal level. This is a remote data link site. In normal

operation during the day the uplink becomes faster than the downlink. <

1.5Mbs. During busy traffic periods the site allows connection and

either dumps me off line or allows me to connect with a marginal signal

to the next line of site cell station in Flagstaff. I don't know how

many times I have to repeat myself on this issue. Primarily the system I

believe is overloaded. I've submitted log copies from router and called

technical support. Just because there is a green check mark on screen

does not mean the site is functioning optimally or well at all. I should

not have to configure my device to fall back to 3G service when I'm

paying for 4G.

I can not speak directly for Flagstaff service. Seligman, Az is hobbled

at this point because it gets it's traffic via microwave link in

Williams. We've been harping about this since service was installed. I

can not access Seligman although I'm closer due to a mountain in the

path. Williams (-69dBm) is LOS at 30 miles. Flagstaff is Near LOS at 75

miles and if Williams goes completely down I can connect to that at

-90dBm. this current disruption started December 26th at about 8:00PM At

this very moment williams disconnects me and I can get very marginal

connection to Flagstaff at -90dBm. Beaming East on the I40 corridor.

Current time10:45 PM PST. Now the signal has dropped and reconnected to

Williams. 72 hours and counting.