4G to 3G switching - Problems solved?

So if Apple indeed does release a new 4G phone this month, I want to be sure im not downgrading my service by upgrading to 4G.


I've heard that there are problems when a user moves from a 4G area to a 3G area.  Im in Milwaukee and from what i've been told the coverage isn't great.  I've also read a lot of problems online about this.

"And in terms of general access, people have already noted that switching between the two networks creates a considerable lag as the phone reconnects. While Verizon has said switching to 3G from 4G is automatic, switching back is not, so that the phone may toggle irritatingly back and forth as it tries to connect, draining battery in the process.

But for customers on the new 4G networks, straying outside the covered zones could be a serious headache. Verizon has stated it does not plan to let calls placed on its 4G network to roam on its 3G network, which could lead to dropped calls for users moving out of 4G coverage zones."


Is this correct?  Will I drop calls everytime I initiate a phone call in a 4G area and move to a 3G area?

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Re: 4G to 3G switching - Problems solved?
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Calls on the Verizon network go through a different radio hardware then the 4G data network. I don't make a lot of calls, but I have not had one call drop on my Thunderbolt since I got it. I move through a 4G to a 3G area all the time.

I also don't think Apple is going to release an LTE capable phone this year either. Next year maybe?

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