4GLTE to much $$$$

Im sorry I just looked at your data chart and as I said Im screwed Im a truck driver I use my Laptop as entertainment I watch Netflix, Hulu, Megashare.Info, and any other form of T.V. or Movie streaming service out there I pay $$$ for most but with 4G LTE I will have to cancel them all I could use 20GB in 3 days at the rate I use my Laptop with 3G I had unlimited service well if I don't get it back I will cancel my service and try another and if that does not work out I will just pay $20 a month and use wifi at the TA and Petro truck stops and yes unlimited just have to find a spot close to the building or go inside to a table or pay $5 for 24 hr service at other truck stops but I will " NOT " pay $400 a month for 4G service that's CRAZY who do yall think you are ????? Im on Petro wifi as I type its awesome I cant use yalls service that's for sure. The Lady I talked with said I use on avg 30GB a month well maybe on 3G but this 4G is completely different yes its faster but I cant see spending $340 more to save me maybe 20 minutes a month in buffering. Good luck trying to sell CRAZY to the public Im sure Im not the only one out there that is in shock ? Well like I said yall put me back at unlimited or Good Bye.

Thank You

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They will not put you back on unlimited, so find a provider that better suits your needs. Unless your within 14 days from the switch........

Good Luck