4g Data Plan Disappointment

I live in a pretty small community of about 1500 people.  We are offered a terrible DSL (1.5/mbps) as our loan option for "High-Speed" internet.  I was really looking forward to the opportunity that the expansion of 4G by Verizon would bring to my community and other like it, having a real choice for high speed internet.


To my disappointment, they are keeping the same extremely small data limits on MiFi as they are on smart phone and it is hard for me to understand.  Using 5GB of data a month on a smart phone is almost impossible and I really can't see it even becoming an issue at 4G speeds.  However, using MiFi as my home base internet would be impossible.  I don't consider my self an 'extreme' user of the internet... I don't download torrents or music... I simply stream some movies via Netflix, Hulu or Vudu.  I understand that these services are resource intensive, but this is the entertainment delivery systems of the immediate future.  Using these services moderately at 1 hour a day would rack up over 100 GB of use a month. 


To me Verizon and other companies that limit broadband are putting extreme limits on the development of future technologies. My hope is that Verizon will see the potential loss of MiFi subscribers to this extremely low data cap and expand it... but I highly doubt that will happen. Maybe I should be hoping Google, Microsoft, Netflix and Apple combine their efforts and buy Clearwire and turn it into a Co-Op or Mutual company.

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Re: 4g Data Plan Disappointment
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VZW isn't really trying to replace home internet service, their big selling point is the fact that it is mobile.