4g VZAcess uses SMS for usage reporting

The new VZacess ver 7.6 uses SMS to retrieve data usage from Verizon. I had to turn on SMS on my Data Stick to get usage via VZAcess and for messages about usage. Then I started getting unsolicited messages that I have to pay for. I contacted VZ support and they turned off premium message. They believed that the Verizon messages would not be blocked. I am not sure if Verizon messages are blocked but VZAcess will not retrieve usage since the change. I will put up with not being able to retrieve usage via VZAcess and have to just logon to the web site to check usage.
I do not have a block on one of my other lines and I added that number to the SMS list of phones to send usage messages to.
I wish that they did not change the usage reporting, in the older version they uses HTTP to retrieve usage data.

I also wish that they would fix the WEB page so that if you have a 10 gb plan it says 10 and not 0. They are cutting off the 1 in 10 so it say I have a 0 gb plan. The usage bar on the WEB page doesn't reflect usage either.



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