4g drops and batt depletion after kitkat
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I have a droid Razr Maxx HD. Since the KitKat update I have had multiple 4G signal drops. with the phone switching between 3G and 4G all the time and it is depleting the battery. I have done a factory data reset, cleared the partition cache, and I have changed the SIM card. My wife has a Droid4 which can't get Kitkat and she has a 4g signal of -92dbm sitting right next to my phone that cant get 4g.  When I turn the data off and then back on I do get a 4G signal of -96dbm for a few minutes but then it drops down to 3G again. There are multiple different types of phones in multiple parts of the country all complaining of the same problem after the KitKat update. To me that says it has to be a problem with KitKat or a patch. Whether it's from Android or a Verizon patch to the update I dont know, but something is wrong. I don't believe it is from Android because the other carriers are NOT having the same problem. I also don't need some Verizon tech support reading a computer screen and copying and pasting the fixes. I would prefer the problem be actually fixed. Most techs just read straight off a screen and that crap gets old.

Sorry for ranting but I have been having this issue for long enough and I know others have too. It just seems like Verizon is doing the same old crap and getting nothing done.

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