4g fixed???
Ive got an lg revolution that has been unable to connect to any data network since 12/8. I contacted tech support on 12/8 and was told it was a known issue and to allow 24 hrs to resolve. On 12/9 I called back and was put through 40 min of trouble shooting to be told once again "its a known issue give it another 24 hrs. As of 5 pm mountain time still nothing so I called again, this time im put through the TS again...it failed again. However this agent told me the 4g outage had been solved so it had to be my phone. She ordered me a replacment phone. Only thing that bugs me is:
1. By the time I get the replacment ill have been paying for a service I have not used in 6 days.
2. I have to return my old phone which I paid for outright and has ALOT of info on it I.E I use my phone for online bill pay and moble banking. I know about the factory reset but im sure that someone cam still access this info.
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Re: 4g fixed???
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Danner2k, I can understand your frustration over having no data on your phone for several days and having to send in your phone. I assure you that completing a factory reset does erase all info on the device (but not the SD card), so that no one is able to recover your information. This also resolves the majority of any issues you are having with the device. If this has not already been completed, I would suggest completing this on your current phone, and hopefully it will resolve your issue so you don't even need to wait for the replacement.