4g is slower after outage

Using Speedtest before the 4g outage my new Thunderbolt was consistently showing 30 down / 30 up speeds. In my opinion those are huge numbers and one of the reasons I bought a 4g phone.  Since getting service back a few days ago my speeds have decreased to the point of being a glorified 3g phone. After many runs of Speedtest over three days , the highest numbers so far have been 11 down / 2 up.  The average bandwidth is much lower than that, about 6 down / 1 up.  I know there's going to be growing pains, and all of the problems related to more people connected to 4g , etc. But the decrease in the network speeds is huge, if it's caused by increased traffic from the small number of people currently using verizon 4g then I can't imagine how slow things will be in another month or two. BTW , I just ran another test and the upload speed was 500 kbps. , just a mere 60 times slower than last weeks speed.

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Re: 4g is slower after outage
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To determine the root cause of these 4G issues, troubleshooting must be done on an individual basis. All 4G network issues have been resolved at this time. If you are still experiencing issues, we need to troubleshoot your device and area in more detail. Please continue to reach out to us, or contact us at 1-800/922-0204 for assistance.